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Rubberworx Spheres

Check out the latest addition to Rubberworx Surfaces...

Rubberworx Spheres transform a 2D design into a 3D adventure.

Available in 3 sizes:

Rubberworx Spheres create a surface with imagination for all children big and small to climb and jump.

The Rubberworx Sphere is available in a wide range of colours. Simply select a single or blended colour from our EPDM colour range.

The Rubberworx Sphere is pressure molded into a three-layer rubber system. There is an inner SBR cushion cell, a securing layer that captures the cushion cell and an outer EPDM wearing layer. Included is a support post that protrudes 150mm out the base of the sphere that is married to a ground anchor. The ground anchor is fixed by concrete and secured to the sphere post by a recommended adhesive.

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