Rubber Safety Surfacing For Playgrounds and Walkways
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Rubber Surface Installation Process

The 4 Stage Installation Process

Stage 1 - Excavation

Site excavation may be required prior to commencing the sub base layer to achieve a finished surface level.

When replacing existing softfall mulch with a Rubberworx surface it is important to excavate down to a firm base ensuring to remove all loose mulch. Typically the softfall mulch will be at a 300mm depth.

Stage 2 - Sub Base

The Rubberworx Wet Pour system is applied to concrete or, where restricted by budget or site-specific requirements, cement stabilised FCR sub base. We recommend the following;

  1. 75mm Concrete 25Mpa
    Reinforced with mesh
    25mm C Class Rock sub layer

  2. 100mm B Class FCR
    3% Cement Stabilised

It is essential that the sub base been firm and stable to ensure the longevity of the Rubberworx surface.

Stage 3 - Impact Attenuation Layer (when applicable)

Certain installations require a dual layer system, incorporating a cushioned layer to achieve a fall height requirement or simply for added comfort underfoot.

Stage 4 - Wearing Layer

Applied in either our RPCR (recycled) or EPDM (synthetic) products, the wearing layer is the resilient top layer with the versatility to create custom shapes and designs.

Design Process

Below we display the stages involved in completing an intricate surface design.

Royal Children's Hospital

  • Great Garden Courtyard